History of Economic Thought

Susato Ryu Seminar(P)(DD)


In this seminar, students read and discuss texts in rotation and write and submit reports at the end of the semester. Students of the fourth grade begin working on their thesis in the fall semester, submit the first draft during the summer break, and repeat the rewriting process in the spring semester to learn how to write a thesis. Textbooks cover various topics, from the classics of modern Western thought to the latest social issues. We sometimes watch and discuss films related to the cases in the texts.

(Accepting Double Degree)


Susato Ryu

Although seminar discussions rarely lead to clear conclusions, it is crucial to consider each ideological position's historical background and opposing arguments for thinking about contemporary social issues. By doing so, you will recognize the depth of the problems and learn the dangers of quickly picking and choosing a particular position. In addition, it isn't easy to have time to read books carefully and think about and discuss their contents after graduating from university, so I hope this seminar will provide such an opportunity.