Date B

Date B test information


Registration Period March 18th (Sat.) 10:00 ~ 20th (Mon.) 15:00
Announcement of
Competitive Ratio
March 20th (Mon.) 17:00
 Change of Application March 21st (Tue.) 10:00 ~ 15:00
Announcement of
Final Competitive Ratio
March 21st (Tue.) 17:00
Examination Core date:March 27th (Mon.)
Preliminary date:March 24th (Fri.) , March 28th (Tue.)
Date of Result
Day of the examination


Registration Form Registration period has ended.
Competitive Ratio Final Competitive Ratio
Here is the Final Competitive Ratio for Date A applications after the change of registration.
Documents to be
  • Application Form
    Some seminars will ask you to submit your application form when you register for Date A examination
    There are two types of application form : one common to all Keizemi seminars, which will be released at a later date, and the other unique to each seminar. Which application form will be used depends on each seminar.Click here for the common application form
Reference Examination Guidelines for Each Seminar

Seminar Examination Information Session Slide


  • Please be sure to check the revised application guidelines for Date B institutes following the Date A examination.
  • If you did not register, you will not be allowed to take the Date A examination without exception.
  • You may not change your response after submitting the google form once.
  • Once you are accepted, you may not apply for other seminars during Date B or Date C.