Professional Career Program(PCP)(DD)


The Professional Career Programme (PCP) is an all-English programme offered by the Faculty of Economics at Keio. It is designed to help students learn skills to communicate in English effectively and conduct their own economic analyses. We welcome students from all departments. In the courses “Finance, Policy, and the Global Economy” and “Independent Study,” students learn to conduct empirical analyses and write scientifically. The diverse student body including Type A/B, PEARL, and exchange students creates a stimulating and fun leaning environment.

(Accepting Double Degree)


“Finance, Policy, and the Global Economy (FPGE)” and “Independent Study” are taught in AY2023 by Professors Hibiki Ichiue, Fukunari Kimura, Ayako Obashi, Akira Sasahara, and Hiroyuki Yamada, . These professors specialize in International Trade, Development Economics, and International Macroeconomics. All of them take empirical approaches when conducting research and these two courses are designed to help students acquire empirical skills. Students who are feeling unsure about statistics and econometrics are also welcome as we provide basic training in empirical analysis during the first few classes of FPGE. Embrace this opportunity to expand your knowledge, develop practical skills, and unlock exciting career possibilities.