International Economics

Kiyota Kozo Seminar(P)(DD)


At this seminar, we study international economics and business data science. Specifically, we study the basic theory of international economics and the basic techniques of data science such as econometrics, machine learning, and network analysis to solve the problems in the world economy. The goal of this seminar is to develop the ability to find the problems of the world economy by yourself, to logically derive hypotheses, to test them with the data, and to summarize the results in a consistent manner.

(Accepting Double Degree)


Kiyota Kouzo

I am a professor of economics at Keio Economic Observatory. I also have a joint appointment at the Graduate School of Economics, Keio University. At Keio, I teach graduate students, and organize research workshops for faculty members and graduate students. In our seminar, we try to solve global economic problems based on data science methods.