2022 Seminar Information

List of Events

2020 Annual Schedule Overview.pdf

1st Information Session 
Get an overview of the seminar and the event schedule.

2nd Information Session
In addition to the content of the seminar, gather detailed information about the format of the seminar entry (examinations, interview test, grades, reports, etc.).

Information Session by Professors
During the lunch break, the professor from each seminar will explain about the seminar online. Gather information about the field of seminar and the format of seminar entry.

Open Seminar
You will have a clear image of the seminar by joining the seminar activities online.

Mita Festival Paper (Mita-Ron) Presentation
Each seminar will be presenting contents of their research. Each seminar will report the detail of their research at the Mita Festival.

3rd Information Session
Gather information for the seminar entrance examination (date, format etc. )

1st Seminar Information Session

Released booklet
Date and time : 6/21 (Mon.) ~
Place :

Individual Information Session for Seminars (Online)
Date and time : 6/26, 2021 (Sat.) 13: 00-16: 00
Online : WebEx or Zoom

・20 minutes for each seminar x 6 parts
・60 different seminars set up individual booth, presenting 60times. 
・during each presentation, you will be able to hear  students’ actual seminar presentation,  as well as ask questions directly.
・There is a 10 minute interval between each presentation. 

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