Pearl-Application 2022-

Table of Contents

1 For Pearl Student
2 Pearl-Admission Events 2021-
3 Pearl-Application 2022-
 3.1 Tentative flow of application AY 2022
 3.2 Date A Registration
 3.3 Application Form
 3.4 About the application
4 Seminar Introduction
5 Pearl2021

Tentative flow of application AY 2022


➀Application:Online application (planned)
→For further information, check our website/twitter.
②Have multiple seminars in mind:
Some seminars may stop recruiting. However, you can only apply to one seminar for each dates.
③Possibility in changes in the exam styles:
Check out the KEIZEMI website/twitter/ for
the latest information.
④Registration amendment period
→This is only for changing the registration that has already been submitted (optional). New registration is not accepted.
⑤Selection is over once you have passed the exam

Date A Registration

February 8th (Tue) 10:00 Open

Registration will be done by Google form and submissions will be done by email.

Application Form

For Pearl students
2022 Seminar Application A Form
2022 Seminar Application B Form
2022 Seminar Application C Form

Please be careful that some seminar have their own Application Forms. Each seminar would have their own deadline.
※PEARL students are allowed to use Japanese or English application forms.

About the application

Date A

【Registration period】February 8th (Tue) 10:00 ~ February 10th (Thu) 15:00
【Examination date】March 17th (Thu)
【Examination spare date】March 18th (Fri)
※You can only apply for one seminar each registration period. 

Date B

【Registration period】March 19th (Sat) 10:00 ~ March 21th (Mon) 15:00
【Examination date】March 28th (Mon)
【Examination spare date】March 25th (Fri)・March 29th (Tue)
※You can only apply for one seminar each registration period. 

Date C

Keizemi will not be in charged of Date C Exam. Each seminar will conduct it by themselves. Therefore, applicants must contact the seminar individually.